I wrote my first novel, which I also illustrated, one summer day in 1977. My feet were so sunburned I was unable to walk and had to sit, alone, in a beach cottage while everyone else was outside. Naturally, I wrote about a bear. That gripping novel, assembled by tape, construction paper and drawn in craypas, never found a publisher. I later became a reporter, then a teacher, and now I provide academic support to community college students. I write essays, short stories, poetry and reported articles. Alas, I have not drawn anything in craypas for far too long. I also never completed another novel. I can be reached at staceycurranwriter@gmail.com

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Stacey Curran

Teacher, runner, former journalist; few N.E. Press Assoc. Awards, few Boston Globe essays, few anthologies, few comedy sites, few poems, so many grocery lists.