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Cardiac Athletes

With the support of strangers who became friends

Luc Potvin (left) and Shawn Conway meeting in Boston, 2018

Curiosity, reverence and tranquility, usually

I wasn’t fitting under there (author photo)

AKA googling the new kids (not the ones on the block)

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Dementia has no fashion sense

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Because I am not a salty beach hoarder

This is what they won’t let you walk upon. PLEASE.


She earned Bronze in the Women’s Olympic Marathon, but my fandom a few years ago

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After pandemic isolation, how strange will it be?

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Where is the free shipping code?

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Stacey Curran

Teacher, runner, former journalist; few N.E. Press Assoc. Awards, few Boston Globe essays, few Medium sites, few anthologies, few poems, so many grocery lists.

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